Rep. Karen Bass, the chair of the Black Congressional Caucus in the United States, has introduced a bill into the US House of Representatives which addresses the conflict between Ambazonia and Cameroon. In our opinion, this bill has the strongest potential of passing and becoming law as any bill introduced so far. It has many positive aspects, including a clear call to the government of Cameroon to “release human rights defenders, civil society activists, political prisoners, journalists, trade unionists, teachers, and any other citizens who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained without trial or charge.” APOCS applauds this language, and unites with Karen Bass to achieve this goal. However, the bill also has some serious shortcomings and outright misrepresentations of the Ambazonian struggle. Therefore, we are calling on all US-based Ambazonians and allies to call on your Congressional Representative to FIX AND PASS H.RES. 358!!!


52 years ago today, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave perhaps his most famous speech ever, declaring his opposition to the Vietnam War and the system of militarism from which it emanated. In explaining why he had to take this stance, King talked about his experience interacting with young Black men arming themselves in self defense in the inner cities of the United States. He explained:

The Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APOCS Net) stands with Maurice Kamto and the 203 other French-speaking Camerounians who were unjustly arrested on January 26, 2019, during peaceful protests against the broken democracy in La République du Cameroun.

These individuals were targeted for their political involvement with the Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun (MRC), which translates to the Cameroun Renaissance Movement.

Starting last Saturday, the wives of the ‘Nera 10” launched a series of decentralized global actions to the mark the 1-year anniversary of their husbands’ illegal kidnapping from the Nera Hotel in Nigeria. They are calling for the immediate release of their husbands and of all Ambazonian prisoners of conscience being held by the Cameroon regime. The activists’ next court date is January 10, 2019. #Justice4NERA10

In the past year, certain prominent NGOs have been peddling the impression that the violence taking place right now in Ambazonia is a conflict between two sparing parties. Invoking the value of political neutrality, they rush to always address what "both sides" are doing in "equal measure."

This is equivalent to narrating the David and Goliath fight as a "fair match". has received word from Sisiku AyukTabe and Co Solidarity (SACS) that the Republic of Cameroon failed to bring Julius AyukTabe and his nine associates to their hearing at the Central Appeals Court in Yaoundé, Cameroon, earlier today. The case was adjourned until November 1, 2018. This is the third hearing in response to the Habeas Corpus petition filed on August 9, 2018. More Info: Letter to Progressive Lawyers | English Translation of Habeas Petition | Free Julius AyukTabe and All Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience

We reject the racist and ignorant portrayal of the Ambazonian fighters as interrupting “democracy” in their call for non-participation in Sunday’s elections.

IMAGE: A photo circulating in a What’s App forum depicts ballots found unpacked in a home before the election, contrary to legal procedure.

A photo circulating in a What’s App forum depicts ballots found unpacked in a home before the election, contrary to legal procedure.

We reject the covertly racist efforts by some to characterize our resistance as just another "senselessly violent" African crisis, and ignore our long history of nonviolent struggle.

It has been 250 days since the Nigerian secret service seized Julius AyukTabe, known for his nonviolent leadership of the movement for the rights of the people of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons), and 11 of his senior aides. Nigeria then forcibly handed them over to Cameroon in violation of non-refoulement, a fundamental principle of international law which forbids a country receiving asylum seekers from returning them to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution.

In June 2018, under scrutiny from the international community, the government of Cameroon allowed Julius and his aides to see a lawyer, who then documented the circumstances of their illegal arrest and are now demanding their immediate release based on the writ of habeas corpus. Please tell the Cameroon and Nigerian governments that they must respect human rights and release these imprisoned leaders immediately!

UPDATE: Letter to Progressive Legal Workers

We have succeeded to get 60 names out of more than 500 Ambazonians detained at SED and under serious torture and inhuman treatment, some have been summarily executed while others are dying for lack of basic health attention. Let the world know that we know that our brothers and sisters are there and we need a quick human rights, family and legal counsel access to all those detained at SED.