The ongoing show trial of peaceful protesters from the 2016 general strike against efforts by Cameroon to institute the French colonial legal system in Ambazonia hit a snag at the sentencing of law student, Ambazonia Parents Teachers Union CAPTAC activist, and Vice Principal of the acclaimed Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili, Penn Terence Khan.

Press Statement, 27 March 2018

We support without reservation Penn Terence Khan and the other Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience held at the Kondengui High-Security Prison protesting their unfair trial by the Cameroon Military Tribunal in Yaounde, and we call on others to stand by him as well.

Teacher and activist Penn Terence Khan and others refuse to voluntarily go to court for further proceedings in the on going military trial against them by the French neo-colonial regime in Cameroon, in civil disobedience for the travesty of justice visited upon them thus far, and they need your support!

APOCS Network Mission & Background

The Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APoCsnet) aims to mobilize students, teachers, lawyers, activists, politicians, human rights groups, political organizations, community-based organizations and governments to pressure the French neo-colonial regime in Cameroon to free the Ambazonian activists it is holding as political prisoners. Ambazonia, also known as the Southern Cameroons, is an English-speaking territory currently under military occupation by Cameroon linked to an ill-fated UN plebiscite on a confederation between the two countries in 1961.