Restrain the Cameroon Regime and Save Lives by supporting US House Resolution 718

URGENT!!! A resolution has been submitted to the US House of Representatives that, if passed, would save lives in the targeted communities of Ambazonia in West Africa. House Resolution 718 proposes condemning the actions of the Cameroon regime, including the recent human rights abuses that have gained international media attention. It was submitted in Congress on January 29, 2018, and it must be brought to a vote before the end of this Congressional session if it to count.

If passed, this resolution would save lives — it would put pressure on the Cameroon regime, which relies heavily on US-funded IMF and World Bank multilateral aid to pay the salaries of its armed forces, and does not want to come under the scrutiny of the US Congress.

HR 718 would put the US Congress on record condemning the recent outrageous human rights abuses by the world’s second longest dictatorships, and in the process support the communities that this regime has subjected to brutal suppression.

Each of us can help this effort by calling, writing or emailing your Representative and asking them to support HR 718. Below is a sample script and link to locate your Representative's contacts.


Sample Script:

Dear Representative [Your Representatives name],

As your constituent, I wish to thank you for your service.

My name is [Your name] I am calling to ask you to support House Resolution 718, by co-sponsoring it, to help restrain the Cameroon regime’s ongoing outrageous human rights abuses.

Long before this issue came to the public eye, this regime has been spreading havoc and mayhem on defenseless communities across Midwest Central Africa. This action by the House of Representatives would send a message that the world is watching.

Thanks again for your service
Your constituent

[Your name]

More info on H.Res 718:

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