The Cameroun French daily newspaper EMERGENCE caught up with PENN TERENCE KHAN, a Prisoner of Conscience locked up by Paul Biya in the dreaded Yaounde Central Prison since January 2017 just because he voiced his opinion as the forward on the crisis rocking Cameroun. Penn Terence Khan, age 40 was the former Vice Principal of CCAST Bambili, a renowned High School in Bamenda created in 1964 by John Ngu Foncha. The father of four was sentenced to 12 years in detention with a fine of 15 million on trumped-up charges. Here is what he had to tell EMERGENCE:

Though the article has some merits, it seems to me like a one sided French Cameroun paid lobbyist work. It fails to mention the widespread extortion by French Cameroun security operatives at banks and remittance money collection sites of poor people picking up their remittances. It also fails to address the imposition of a 6% tax in addition to withdrawal charges by the Cameroun government as a means of extortion and rendition.

January 5, 2022, will mark four years since American University of Nigeria (AUN)’s Vice President Sisiku AyukTabe and his colleagues were illegally seized by Nigeria’s notoriously corrupt and ruthless paramilitary police unit known as SARS and handed over to Cameroon. Though the Nigerian Federal High Court in Abuja later ruled that their arrest and refoulement violated Nigerian and international law, they remain imprisoned.

On this somber anniversary, Nigerian and international academics and human rights leaders have issued a statement demanding that Nigeria and Cameroon respect the High Court decision and immediately return AUN’s Vice President and his colleagues to their families and students. They are asking faculty, staff, students, and human rights supporters worldwide to add their voices to this call. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS LINKS FOR ACTION IN YOUR COUNTRY


From Ayuk Tabe to all AMBAZONIA

Our 60th Anniversary.

On this day, 1st October 2021, history reminds us of where we are coming from. It is a day for us to reevaluate our mission and our responsibilities to our nation and her future. As we fix our gaze on her glorious destiny, we commit to NEVER waver until we achieve our inevitable prize of LIBERTY and SOVEREIGNTY.

Free Sisiku AyukTabe

The Ambazonia Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APOCS) is pleased to join with internationally-acclaimed Afro-expressionist artist Adjani Okpu-Egbe to invite you to an unveiling of his first US solo show, accompanied by an international and cross-generational conversation on the roots of his work: the ongoing war and revolution in his West African homeland of Ambazonia (also known as English-speaking Cameroon).

The event is hosted by the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) and cosponsored by APOCS and the International Peace Research Association (IPRA).

The Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APoCsnet) is calling on human rights advocates across the globe to step up pressure on the Cameroon regime in the wake of its military's recent attacks on civilians in English-speaking Cameroon. These attacks came shortly after the US Senate, in the form of S.Res.684, issued a condemnation of precisely this sort of behavior. In this same bill, which members of the Ambazonian diaspora advocated for vigorously, the US Senate urges the international community to continue “push for a cessation of violence […] and maintain calls for the investigation and prosecution of human rights abuses and crimes committed against civilians.” CLICK HERE TO ACCESS LINKS FOR ACTION IN YOUR COUNTRY

Transcribed here is the english translation of an interview done between Sphynx Eben and the German Peace Society (Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft). The original German version is at


In an incredible turn of events, a bipartisan bill aimed at reining in the Cameroon regime was adopted into law by the US Senate at the end of the 116th Congressional Session. Senate Resolution 684 [1] was passed into law on January 1, 2021, in a rare New Year’s Day session that was required because of the need to hold a vote on whether or not to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the Defense Authorization Act.

Yesterday, at least six children were brutally killed by attackers armed with guns and machetes at Mother Francisca International Bilingual school in Kumba, Ambazonia. At least a dozen more were wounded. Every local press source and discussion forum is saying that the Cameroon military is responsible. But less than an hour after the event, the New York Times published an article asserting that “separatists” are responsible[1] — though the lede of the Reuters source article itself stated that Reuters was unable to confirm this[2].

Image obtained and tweeted by journalist Michel Biem Tong

Image obtained by journalist Michel Biem Tong

APOCS supports S.Res. 684, which was introduced on September 8, 2020, by a bipartisan slate of thirteen US senators led by Senator James Risch (R-ID) and Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD).