INTERNATIONAL ACTION ALERT: Ask Lawmakers to Step Up Efforts to Stop Atrocities by the Cameroon Military

The Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APoCsnet) is calling on human rights advocates across the globe to step up pressure on the Cameroon regime in the wake of its military's recent attacks on civilians in English-speaking Cameroon. These attacks came shortly after the US Senate, in the form of S.Res.684, issued a condemnation of precisely this sort of behavior. In this same bill, which members of the Ambazonian diaspora advocated for vigorously, the US Senate urges the international community to continue “push for a cessation of violence […] and maintain calls for the investigation and prosecution of human rights abuses and crimes committed against civilians.”

You can do this by urging the lawmakers to represent you to take several specific actions:
- call on the UN to mandate a fact-finding mission
- call for targeted sanctions against the units and commanders of the Cameroon security forces who are driving the violence
- join with ongoing legislative and policy initiatives on the matter, including efforts to protect refugees through Temporary Protective Status or similar mechanisms

To participate in this action, click on the link that corresponds with your country of residence:

United States:

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South Africa, Finland and other nations:

If your country is not listed above in specific and you would like to help develop a campaign focused on your country’s lawmakers, please email us at

Please pass this message along to human rights forums you are connected with!