Independence Day Message from Sisiku AyukTabe


From Ayuk Tabe to all AMBAZONIA

Our 60th Anniversary.

On this day, 1st October 2021, history reminds us of where we are coming from. It is a day for us to reevaluate our mission and our responsibilities to our nation and her future. As we fix our gaze on her glorious destiny, we commit to NEVER waver until we achieve our inevitable prize of LIBERTY and SOVEREIGNTY.

No matter how rough the road is or how heavy the load is, we will trek on, bravely, until we reach the foot of the mountain, Buea.

We have endured for sixty years and counting. The last four years have been particularly demanding, in the face of a senseless war waged onto us. We are truly and gratefully indebted to all those sacrificing in the defence of our Homeland. Remain cautious and vigilant, as we renew our call for an independent international fact-finding mission to investigate the atrocities on our people.

Amidst the pain, the sacrifice and the suffering, today let your hearts be filled with pride. Pride, that you are a witness to, and a maker of your history. Pride, that you are standing on the shoulders of heroes and heroins who have sacrificed onto death for this cause. Pride, that even without assistance, the justice, the goodness and the necessity of our struggle is recognized by all. We are fighting for the soul of a great nation, and with God by our side, our victory is as certain as the glories in His Kingdom. We are prevailing. All eight million of us Ambazonians.

Time and our steadfast determination have been our most invaluable assets. In their due, our victories are being revealed to us one after the other.

The Ambazonian spirit, those resources and reserves, which have brought us this far have been grounded in our understanding and assurance that our gains shall only come through our pain. Ambazonians have dug very deep and from our God-given acres, all our diamonds, gold and peace & prosperity, we must mine and harvest.

Be determined and remain hopeful. Your actions speak louder than any words. So let your commitment to action speak for you. With the Hobson's choice before us, failure is not an option.

Commemorate this 1st day of October, because it is AMBAZONIA Day and in 2021 our 60th anniversary.
Happy Anniversary to all Sons and Daughters of Ambazonia.

Sisiku AyukTabe
Kondengui Principal Prison
October 1st 2021

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