Ambazonia Prisoner of Conscience and Education Rights Activist Penn Terence Continues to Teach from Behind Bars

Below is a primer on the Crisis in Ambazonia, written from behind bars by Penn Terence Khan.

A teacher by profession and law student at the time of his arrest in January 2017, Penn Terence has been an advocate for the integrity of the indigenous educational system in the occupied territory of Ambazonia. Prior to his arrest, Penn Terence served as the vice-principal of the Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili, a college known for its academic excellence.

In an effort to make an example of him, Penn Terence was arrested and held up in Cameroon's supermax in the capital Yaounde, and charged with “terrorism, secession, rebellion, sponsoring acts of terrorism, insurgency, and hostility to the fatherland.” Though no tangible evidence or witnesses were presented to justify any of these charges, Penn Terence was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in jail.